Monday Measurement, week 0

So this is a post I’ve been dreading to write, but it has to be done. Everyone has to start somewhere.

I’m really only wanting to see a reduction in my waist measurement, because that’s where I gain most of my weight. I probably won’t track my weight because, really, I don’t care what I weigh as long as I look good. My starting waist measurement is 39 inches around at the beginning of the day, and it ends up being close to 40 inches by the end of the day. Blugh.

My goal is to get down to a 30-inch waist. Last time I had that was when I got married, and I weighed around 140 pounds. (For reference, I’m just barely under 5’6″.) I was wearing a size 8-10. Here’s hoping I can see those numbers again someday!


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