Monday Measurement, week 1

Waist measurement: 39.5 inches
Difference from previous week: .5 inch gain

Well, that’s discouraging.

Last week started off on the right foot. On Wednesday I was up to 15 miles, but Thursday rolled around and suddenly I was overwhelmed. On top of running, I volunteer in my husband’s classroom and I’m making costumes for the school play. And in order to get those things done, a lot of things were having to be neglected … including breakfast, and one day lunch as well.

So Thursday I got stressed out and didn’t go out (but I did get some work done on those costumes.) Friday I couldn’t go out because I promised I would volunteer at the school all day to help his choir kids get ready for all-region auditions, which were Saturday so I didn’t run then either. I don’t have an excuse for Sunday. I just didn’t want to run then, I guess.

I still intend on attempting to complete 93 miles this month, but I won’t be upset if I fall short. This is a really ambitious challenge, so as long as I get something in, it’s better than nothing.


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